Add a new user, Retailer

Access Adding a new User by selecting your Profile Icon in the top right hand corner of the O2O App, and select Manage Users


In the new O2O App, adding a user (aka sub-user) is simple. At this time, only Managers/Admins can add a new user. If you are a not a Manager/Admin, please reach out to your store manager or owner to add a new sub-user to your account.




Add a new user

Once on the Manage Users page, you will see the Create User button


Enter the new sub-user's email, name, select their role, if they receive email notifications and you can also select the new sub-user's active status. De-selecting the Active radio box will turn off their access until you edit the user again.



Please note: Only Retail Admins can add new sub-users at this time
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